Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sometimes You Have To Get Your Noodle On

Our family loves to eat! I mean, who doesn't right? It's a part of life. And as such we like to explore different places to get our noodle on :) Literally.
Sergio introduced me to Pho or Vietnamese Noodles. We used to go to a Pho place down in Richardson but we recently fell in love with one closer.
It is so much fun to go out to eat with friends and family. This time we took Ellison's boyfriend, Parke, with us.
The three of us ordered the yummy beef steak bowl with noodles. It comes with a side of lime, cilantro, jalapenos, bean sprouts and fresh basil leaves YUMMY

                                                             Parke trying out his iced tea (hee hee)
                              MMM MMM Good I love it with lots and lots of lime and peppers and CILANTRO. I often take my own spices because I feel bad having to ask the waiter for More please :(

                                                          Ellison enjoying her bowl :)

                                                         Sergio's Chicken    Noodle

                 Josh (getting annoyed upon my insistance of taking  his picture while eating)

Aaron is a very picky eater so he does not eat at Pho with us. He usually sits there, drinks a Coke and licks a lime with salt. (I know weird kid, but we love him :))

We love this place! They have several around the Dallas Area and even in good ole' Vietnam (according to their menu locations)
We are always wanting to expose our kids to a variety of foods so they are not always eating chicken nuggets ;)
My mouth is watering now while I am typing up this post. Dang it! I want pho now.

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