Thursday, August 26, 2010

Exploring our town

We are always trying out fun things to do with the boys. I think it's important to explore the towns we live in.
In our town we have lots of parks. Really neat places to take the kids to play. And it's free!!!!

We recently discovered a really cool park nearby. Thanks to fellow blogger Janet for the heads up on this park.
It's really a neat place with some rocks for the kids to climb and the playground equipment is fantastic!
We go there in the evenings when it's a "cool" 95 degrees (LOL) and the sun is setting.
Here are some I took with my phone (granted they are a bit fuzzy since it was dusk and I didn't have it at a correct setting :(   )

                                                             My beautiful son, Josh :)

We also discovered this really neat "town" park/place in Allen where kids can go play. They have a maze, cool "buildings" to play in and even a train caboose!! I think this would be a lovely place to take your tots on a cool sunny afternoon for lunch!

They also put on free concerts here on Saturday nights. We are DEFINITELY going once the weather cools down around OCTOBER!! ((fingers crossed))
I failed to take a pic of their amazing patio where they have those torch/warmers things and some comfy patio sofas and chairs, gosh I could just LIVE there! I'll take better pics next time with my REAL camera :)

                                                                Inside the caboose!
This caboose has crayons and paper and stuff for little ones to do! It is awesome and FREEEEEEEE :) My favorite word ;)
So where do you go to have fun around town?

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  1. I'm so glad you like that park! It is our favorite one to visit--especially in the evenings. :) I have heard about that place in Allen and have wanted to take the kids, but I admit I'm too much of a chicken to take them when it is so hot! Hopefully it will start to cool down soon. It looks like a lot of fun and you can't beat the entrance fee---Free!

  2. Nice pictures! The caboose looks like a fun place to play.


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