Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time Savers

If you are always short on time but long on a list of things to do: groceries, kids' activities, work, etc then you are like me and can appreciate a few shortcuts ;)

Recently I joined Sam's Club. I also have a Costco membership but Sam's is a lot closer to us and I recently found this:
Sam's Club Click N Pull

It's a nifty little app on their website where you can create a shopping list, name it, and save it to use over and over again :) Now here's the thing you have a few things to pick up such as eggs, milk, cases of toilet paper, you get the idea and with just a few clicks you send it to your local Sam's where you can pick it up tomorrow! {Queue the strings and harps} Isn't this awesome!!
Now I have yet to use it but I am slowly building my lists! Can you imagine, going there to pick up your order while the kids are at school or on your way home? No more digging thru your purse to find your grocery list, no more running around with kids' in tow! Ain't life grand?

ANNNNNDD here's another neat thing I found: Target has a special app where you can create your own weekly ad! Yes you go into their website and tell it what items you are interested in and when they go on sale they'll send you an email! Do you love their bakery goods? Are you shopping for a new TV set size 40" or larger? Are you just interested in baby items? Tell it to Target, save it and create your alerts. Heck they'll even send them to your cell phone! Cool, huh? I totally created mine. Now I don't care about baby items right now so I just selected clothing for boys 8-14, and a few other items such as video games, tv sets, garden furniture, and soft drinks. I want to compare between Target and Sam's you know ;)
And then you wait for them to tell you YOUR favorite items are on sale!
And here's where to get started

My Target Weekly Ad

I'll keep looking and posting for new things to save time and money stay tuned.

                                    I just love technology don't you?

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