Sunday, April 18, 2010

This week's project

Lately I've been on a quest to redecorate my home by repurposing items that I already have around the house or with things I pick up for free or next to nothing. This week I worked on this cute telephone table from the 80's. Here's what it looked like before:
Pretty sad looking huh? But not bad. It is a solid piece made of real wood, imagine that? Anywho it was totally free from
So I had never spray painted furniture before and I tell ya it's an art. After putting on a dust mask and putting down a drop cloth I went to work in my garage (with the door open mind you). I needed plenty of ventilation. So I used Rustoleum's Heirloom White in Satin finish. And. I. Love.It.
The color is so pretty and soft. It will go nicely with my new bedding that I've had my eye on for the last month. I am planning on painting my bedroom and removing the awful wallpaper that's there UGGGH Who invented wallpaper???
So, here's the after:

Isn't it cute?!
Total cost $13.50 for spray paint and sanding paper. Now I do admit I need to work on my spray painting skills a bit more. Wait 'till I show you my other projects. Now I am so excited I want to try spray painting with a spray gun and a compressor!! CRAZYNESS!! But I've got to remind myself.... baby steps.....
(after uploading the pic, I noticed that I need a little more paint touch ups inside, oopsies, but that's ok, just pretend it's perfect)
Up next.. this chair~

(antique chair that I've had for about 13 years)

Seriously, if you guys have not joined in your neighborhood, I STRONGLY suggest you do so!!

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  1. Hey it is the same!! I love it! I got mine at a thrift store for like 15$. I love the color, I have that color for some projects I will be doing but I couldn't decide what color I wanted to use. Yours looks great!!

  2. My local Freecyle is almost totally made up of messages from people who want stuff for free, not message of things being given away. It's been a big disappointment to me.


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