Friday, April 23, 2010

Going Vegan....for a month :)

If you know me you know by now that I am always willing to try something new and experiment on myself ;)
This week I decided I am going to try the vegan lifestyle for one month. Gasp!! Yes a Mexican who is going to deprive herself from fajitas, chiles rellenos, chorizo and egg breakfast tacos....and I better stop before I quit before I start. If you don't know what a vegan is then let me explain.
It's basically like a vegetarian but stricter. No meats of any kind and no eggs or dairy either. I read somewhere that milk causes many allergic reactions in people that we don't even know about. Like for instance did you know that the hormones they give the cows to produce more milk may cause skin allergies in some people including acne? If you have acne around your jaw line and mouth it is most likely caused by milk allergies. So after reading about this, I decided why not? I'll give all that up for a month and if my skin clears then I may stick with the no dairy thing (not giving up meat forever people, I may be crazy but NOT THAT crazy). So anywho, this is day three of my vegan diet and so far so good. I  have not lost any weight so I am slightly disappointed in that aspect but then again I haven't really been counting calories or exercising this week either. So I am going to continue and report back on my endeavor and to see if in fact my acne clears up. I am a guinea pig once again.
Did I ever mention that I used to participate in clinical and consumer trials for money while in college? Yessiree Bob I made some moolah by taste testing pizza, chex mix chips, trying on a triple blade razor for a month, acne medication and many more. It was fun and $rewarding :)
If I didn't live so far from the darned testing place I may still do it. Hey I'm all for helping my fellow man eat the best chips and pizza!
Ok, so I have also been very busy testing out the dance routine that Aaron and I will be performing this Saturday at our Church's Talent/No Talent show!! We will be doing a semi-breakdancing number together. It should be fun. I also have my eye on a bookcase/dresser thingy that I saw at Goodwill last week and hope that it's still there!!! I want to put it in my gameroom.
And last but not least....
It's Friday and I'm happy

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  1. OH... I missed your performance. I will have to tell you what we were doing later. My husband handled it well. I was very proud of him. wow veggie. I don't know if I could do that! Let me know how it goes!


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