Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shoutout to Art by Ellison

Today I am going to feature my darling daughter's artwork here;

She is a very talented artist specializing in wildlife. She has won numerous regional awards through her high school and has designed t-shirts and swimcaps for two local highschool athletic deparments.
She has also painted a mural at a local hospital.
Ellison also customizes canvas shoes with whatever your little heart desires!
Here are some of her art pieces with more to come:
This one is my favorite!

Absolutely gorgeous in person!

Another one of my favorites!

This one is just SO cute! Perfect in a kid's bedroom!
If you are interested in buying any of her art please contact me or her thru her website above.
She is also a very talented wildlife photographer and her photos can also be purchased.

This one is from my computer the real shot is very clear!

So there you go! Talent runs in the family huh??
Ellison will be entering college this fall where she will major in what else- ART!
Some of the shoe designs are at her website. You can see them here

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