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Home Office Redo-Chalk Paint and Boho

Home Office Redo-Bedroom to Home Office
I have been living in this apartment for about two years and so far I love it here! 
It's a cute area with so many conveniences!
I also have been working from home for about six months along with my husband. 
However, I have decided to redo this room and turn it into a cute, boho, zen area for work and working out
plus meditation.
Follow along to see how I achieve this!
First off, here is what it looks like currently:

I have the monitor and laptop on a vintage 1940s desk that I bought for $80 back in 2013
I painted it a beautiful grey with white drawer fronts that I crackled. It is looking dated and just needs a nice facelift
I love using Annie Sloan brand Chalk Paint because it has no odor and it's easy for me to work with. 
I used to have a furniture flipping and restoration business 10 years (or so) ago and I used that paint a lot.
I bought Pure White and some clear wax and got to work.
First I had to remove the drawer handles and noticed that the screw holes were 4 inches apart. 
The new handles are 3 inches apart which meant that I had to fill in the holes with wood filler and my husband helped me by drilling in new holes into all the drawers.
I went to Lowes to pick up some items for this project:

I had to sand the front of the drawers to remove the crackle finish and that proved to be quite the task. 
BTW, if you want to see videos of this project, follow me on Tik Tok where I am posting updates often :)
So, once I sanded the drawers down I wiped them down and began to apply the first few coats of paint. Because this is pure white on a grey background, it took several coats of paint to cover the grey and the wood filler.
Thank goodness it's been cool and breezy so that I can work in the garage!
Here's a few photos of the progress:
you can see the paper lining the dresser from before.
This will be replaced :)
You can see the drawer front sanded down and crackle finish gone!

Here you can see the first coat of the Pure White chalk paint
You can see the video here on TikTok

To see the 2nd part you can go here

I have started to paint the desk inside my apartment and I cannot wait for this part to be over!
I ordered a few items from Amazon and I am sketching out the layout of the room so that I can include a cute workspace along with my husband's workout bench and weights 
I think I will have some type of backdrop with flowy drapes to cover that area when not in use. 
I'll have to see
Anyway, I hope you follow along on this journey!
It will be so cute!

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