Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Home Office Redo-The Reveal-Boho Natural Desk

Home Office Redo - The Reveal

After weeks of painting, sanding, waxing, drilling, cleaning, arranging and lots and lots of sweat-my home office redo is complete!
I am in love with the space now. I feel that it has a more open feel and I arranged it so that my desk faces the window. I feel happier when I am facing a window while working as compared to the wall.

We had the dilemma of where to place the workout bench and weights, so we decided to put them on the west side of the room where the desk used to be. This opened up the room entirely and we can now use that space in the middle of the room to do yoga, floor exercises and meditate. 
Here are some photos I took at night because I couldn't wait to share with you!
I will take more during the day. 
I tell you, it makes me happy just to sit in this room now :)
I cannot wait to pick out some new art work and hang it in here. 
I even have a little fountain on my bookshelf that I bought at Dollar General last year! 


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