Saturday, April 20, 2019

Countdown to Summer Camp and TV Pilot - Hollywood

Happy Easter everyone! 

It's been a super busy week with work, school and other activities. 
Aaron is busy prepping for several scripts they are learning at Dallas Young Actors Studio.
He's excited to be in the TV Pilot this summer.
The Rising Stars Summer Camp over at his acting school is an awesome opportunity for any aspiring actor to get the professional training needed for their break into Hollywood. So many young actors have been successfully signed from the Dallas YAS school, it's unreal! 
You can check out the website above to read all about those success stories. 
But it's not all luck! There's hard work and training involved in becoming a professional TV/film actor. Think SNL on a local level.
At Dallas YAS, students get that professional training from someone who is actually in the business of ..well...showbiz! 
You can read more about the school's founder here in this article at 

We will be back next week with some updates on Aaron's journey into Hollywood!  In the meantime, don't forget to follow Aaron on his Instagram located on the top right over there >>>


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