Friday, November 22, 2019

Finding Your Place in this World

Hello friends! Today I am going to share a story that involves my son. With his permission I will share what he has been through in the public school system and how home schooling and finding his place in the world has changed his life. 

My son, Aaron, is an actor. Ever since he was a child, he loved entertaining others. I sent my son off to kindergarten an excited and happy boy, but slowly I started to notice a difference in his attitude. 
He would come home saying to me that he was "stupid" or "slow". He related to me how he was often doing his work at recess while the other kids played. This, of course, broke my heart. After meeting with his teacher, and year after year, the same thing would happen, his father and decided to home school him. This was not an easy decision as I worked a demanding career outside the home. But we made it work. We slowly started to see a change in our son. He was reading and enjoying learning again. I was getting my son back! 
We participated in home school activities, he joined the cub scouts, and many other organizations. He loved art and expressing himself by designing things, buildings, bridges and furniture. 
However, his first love was acting. We struggled to find a place for him to be happy in. He joined a local children's theater and he was ok with it but he asked for more. He wanted to be a part of an acting school where he could be trained as an actor for TV and film. This kid knew what he wanted to be since the age of 5!! 

I had no idea where to enroll him. One day, I googled, "best acting schools in Dallas"and Dallas Young Actors Studio came up. Along with many others. I don't know why, but I just had a feeling we should go check this one out. We called and set up an audition with the school's Creative Director, Linda Seto. 
Aaron told me that he wanted to go in and audition on his own, which he did. He stayed to audit a class and immediately liked it. 
I still wasn't sure if the one hour drive one way was worth it and would he stick to it? 
After a few months I asked him if he was really serious about his acting and would he like to continue with his acting coaching or would he rather try something else? 
My son and I were in the car when he said to me, " Mom, I feel like I belong here. Both Linda and Xai believe in me. They BELIEVE in ME.  They have shown and said to me how awesome I am and I look forward to coming here every week. This, THIS, is what I want to do with my life! I want to continue training here until I move to L.A."
I was in tears, seeing the conviction with which he spoke. I could see how he had changed from that insecure little boy to this 14 year old confident young man. And it was because of the wonderful environment he was now in. At Dallas Young Actors Studio. 
Linda Seto, the founder and Creative Director is a person who thrives on encouraging her students, of all ages, to excel, not only in acting or filmmaking, but in life! I have personally seen how this school impacts the life of children. It's a safe place for them to spend their time in. 
                                        Auditioning for Disney Casting Directors Summer 2018

From TV Pilots on a real sound stage, to improv productions and short films, my son has done it all! And he is as confident and self assured as he can be! It has been the single, best decision we have made (besides pulling him from public school). He is immersed in the arts, but he's also been taught all about the showbiz business! My son now helps to coach new students and we continue to go there, 3 years later! It's his home away from home. 
This story definitely has a happy ending :)

Aaron continues to audition and will be meeting a casting director next month. The future looks bright for this young man. It goes to show how having the right support and an environment that fosters creativity can do a lot for a young person. 
Right now, Dallas Young Actors Studio, is in need of funding. It is a non-profit school, so all your donations are tax deductible. You can click on the gofundme link below to donate whatever you can. This will go towards purchasing ink (the school prints all the resumes and headshots for its students, scholarships for those that can't afford tuition, and much more!) 


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