Tuesday, July 1, 2014

4th of July-Let Freedom Ring-Denim-Wreath

What do you get with these:
Why, a patriotic wreath of course!

How to make a denim wreath
for Independence Day! 
First, gather your materials: 
2-3 wire hangers or semi-rigid wire
jeans or denim fabric
wooden letter
red paint
ribbons of your choice
hot glue gun
staple gun 
fabric scissors
cricut or any other die cutter 
white star stickers
Step 1:
 Make your wire hanger into a circle.
You will need one inner circle and one outer circle that is slightly bigger. The idea is that one fits inside of the other. This is to make the wreath look fluffier. Begin by cutting or tearing strips of the denim and tying them around the hanger. They don't have to be perfect or the same size. 

It's good to have a helper :)
Once you have them all on there, make sure they are nice and scrunched together tight. 
For my wreath, I used a large sized denim shirt and a 
large pair of jeans 
(my hubby's...shhhh)
That was enough to make the two circles nice and fluffy.
 While my helper was cutting the strips of denim,
I went into the kitchen and started painting my wooden M with red acrylic paint. I gave it 3 coats. 
After it was dry, I cut a stencil out of my Cricut and just painted them on. The idea is that I will reuse this 
letter later on and paint over the stars :)

You can use stickers if you like. 

When you are finished with both circles, you will need to fasten them together with floral wire or anything you have handy ;P

Here you can see that I was just trying out lay out 
ideas on the wreath. 
I took a staple gun and stapled two skinny ribbons to the back so I could tie it to the wreath nice and snug.
 Then I just made the cute little bow and tied it to the wreath.
I also added another piece of ribbon to the back to hang it from my door. 
You can use anything you have handy!! 

And there you have it!

Happy Independence Day everyone!!

I'll be back tomorrow with a super, yummy and easy dessert for your 4th of July parties.



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  1. Patty, your wreath is adorable!! Great way to recycle old shirts and jeans! I'm sharing this on my facebook page at This Ole Mom. Thanks for co-hosting the Click and Chat Social Media Link Up for the month of June!!
    Kim from This Ole Mom


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