Monday, February 7, 2011

I {Heart} Recycling

Get it? I heart recycling? Well if you don't get it - you will (in a little bit).
Last night as I was thinking of what to wear to work today, I suddenly decided I was feeling
crafty. Yep at 11:30 at night. That's when it usually hits me. Forget about sleep and how I REALLY need to rest, what I really wanted to do was craft!
I have been wanting to make a cute wreath for my front door. I wanted to do a Valentine's one and now here I was at 11:30 at night and I was NOT about to go to Wal-Mart to buy the supplies.
So I went to my closet, took out a wire hanger and shaped it into a heart. Sort of.
Then I rummaged through my under-the-sink stash of plastic bags (which I despise!!)  only to find out that I didn't have that many to work with SINCE I now use the reusable bags when shopping (I know...I'm SO GREEN :))
So I decided to at least get it started. I gathered my hanger and plastic grocery bags on the floor along with my trusty glue gun and I commenced to putting it together.

Well let's just say that the Wal-Mart blue logo was a little hard to work with.
So my advice to you is that you can go ahead and use the plastic grocery bags, the whiter and blanker the better or cut them out and throw away the logo-ed part of the bag.
I started off just tieing it around the hanger and twisting the bag round and round to form a rosette looking shape. Glue as you go. I started to find out that if I could take one "tail" of the plastic bag and wrap it around the hanger first the rosettes would glue on much better.
After a few of these and after I ran out of grocery bags, I remembered I had some cheap dollar store WHITE trash bags in the garage! SCORE!! So I went and got them and cut them lengthwise. This was MUCH better. The rosettes look a lot prettier.

So when I was done, I just took some ribbon and tied a pretty bow on it. isn't that simple? And pretty too :)

I like it so much I put it on this chalkboard and is now propped up on my hearth under my Valentine's mantle.
Great.Now I have to make another one for the front door. >:/

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