Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Littledom is slowly slipping away

My little boy can already make his own lunch. In fact he's been doing great for the last few months. And by lunch I mean the put in the microwave kind.
He no longer wants me to read to him at night. And he doesn't want to sleep in momma's bed :(   Soon he'll be 8. He'll be baptized. His training wheels will be coming off his bike (yes, he's a bit old for training wheels but I'm holding on for DEAR LIFE!)

Soon he'll have his very own room when his big brother moves out. Needless to say these milestones do not make me very happy. They make me...anxious.

Anxious because soon these scenes will be long gone...
and the blocks on the fireplace and legos strewn throughout the house will be a distant memory. I have one last "little" and I love holding him (as he tries to squirm out of my arms) and I love taking him with me shopping and listening to his little conversations about life and what he wants to be when he grows up (a boxer-this after watching Rocky movies :), a pilot, an "army guy", an actor, a dancer, an ice cream shop owner, a dad and a husband-this one makes me smile BIG)

Nope, there will be no one around for me to "get after" to pick up toys and clothes from the floor, no one to nag about putting their dirty dishes IN the dishwasher and no one to remind to brush their teeth and take a shower :(
But for now I am enjoying every second of my day to watch my little play.

Oh I also enjoy watching the big guys pretend to be "littles" too. ;)

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