Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dairy Allergies

So back in April I decided to go vegan mainly to discover if I do indeed have a dairy allergy. I have had problems with cystic acne since giving birth to Ellison over 18 years ago and have been to dermatologists ever since! I have spent thousands on skin treatments, antibiotics (which I am sure caused the liver problems) skin masques, cleansing products etc only to find out that my cystic acne is caused by dairy product allergy. Yes God does have  sense of humor. Why can't it be broccoli or tuna? Noooo it's gotta be dairy and you know I loves me some Chocolate Milk dang it! So back in April I decided to test my willpower and go vegan for one month. This meant no meat or animal products of any kind, including dairy or eggs. Well in that month my skin was soooo clear and radiant! I thought, well maybe it's cause I am eating so many fruits and veggies. I kinda liked the whole vegan lifestyle except coming up with a variety of foods and meals to eat was getting kinda limited (uhhh I didn't know there were eggs in cookies, DAGGHHH) Sooo I decided to slowly incorporate some dairy products back into my life. BIG.MISTAKE. I started with eating my tacos with a little sour cream here and there, a sip of milk every so often and a scoop of ice cream too why don't cha?? So this is what happened one day when I tried all of them together:


The entire left side of my face was swollen because of a cyst that popped up near my nerve that connects to my eye and nose!
This is what my eye SHOULD look like btw:

Needless to say I am going back to veganism. Apparently, after much research, dairy products contain a form of testosterone that are given as hormones to the cows in order to make them produce more milk. These hormones when ingested by certain individuals become an allergic reaction and cystic acne can form mainly along the jaw line. So if you are older and have breakouts (and by breakouts I mean the painful bumps that do not have the white head on them) then you are most likely allergic to dairy. In my case, it is pretty severe. I noticed the bumps on my chin and around my mouth earlier in the month when I ingested little bits of cheese and they were almost immediate. But, when combined with other dairy products the above pictured result ensued. Soooo no more dairy for me. I have had to be on antibiotics for the past few days to kill off the bacteria that are causing the bumps on my face. But after this I won't have to go through this again since I'll stick with Almond milk (which is pretty yummy in fact)
Lesson learned. In other news, I stayed pretty busy this past weekend, elephant man face and all, doing little projects here and there. I'll post some cute little projects I did involving wood and paint soon :)

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  1. Our youngest daughter had a difficult time with wheat and dairy as a newborn. She does a little better now. Anyway--I love almond milk! It is my favorite. Plus Sprouts carries a delicious and I mean delicious brand of ice cream made from coconut milk. It is so good! They also make coconut milk yogurt that is good too. I made enchiladas once using a cheese made from rice milk and they tasted great. I honestly couldn't tell a difference.

    What a relief it must be to finally know what has been causing your acne. It's so crazy to think that milk, something that is supposed to be good for you can make you feel so bad! Thank goodness there are other tasty alternatives.


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