Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hey I think I live with this kid!

Lately I've been passing time by reading this:
I had originally bought this book for Aaron since we have to work on his reading "fluency". He was diagnosed with a reading disability by the doctors at Scottish Rite Hospital. That place is just phenomenal and the staff there is great. They recommended that Aaron read more and gave us all types of materials and ideas on how to get him to read more fluently. So anyways, I was at the place I hate the most-Walmart-and happened to walk by the display of books. The cover and yellow color immediately caught my eye. I opened up the book and flipped through some pages and found myself laughing hysterically out loud right there in the store. The greeter just gave me a blank stare. I decided to buy this book for Aaron.

When I brought it home, Josh immediately took it from the bag and exclaimed "YESS!! This is the next one in the series!" So apparently these are popular books. Josh said this guy has a whole series of them. So all three of us, Josh, Aaron and I, took turns reading out loud and laughing with this book. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a series written by Jeff Kinney.

You can check out his site here

I can relate so much to his books both as a former 12 year old and now as a mom!

Aaron loves them! We finished reading it so I got the next one ~~

We are reading it now. Aaaand I just found out they made a movie and it's coming out this month. We're definitely going to see it. Although I don't have high expectations for a movie made from book and they'll probably ruin it...but we're gonna see it nonetheless.

If you haven't joined the Wimpy Kid camp..I suggest you do so. Ask your kids, maybe they're already members. :)

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