Friday, July 3, 2009

Swimming and Flag Dessert

Early this morning I told the kids I was taking them to our neighborhood beach club. It's a really cool pool that has real sand around it. It also has a nifty splash pad. Aaron especially enjoyed it. He loved building his river with sand.

After we got back from the pool we decided to make our favorite Flag dessert. It is a really easy and scrumptious dessert. You start off with a package of crescent rolls and roll it out and make it into a rectangle. Then you mix one box of cream cheese with sugar to taste. Spread this, softened, on the cooked crescent rolls. Then add blue berries, strawberries and banana slices to simulate the stars and stripes. Add whipped topping and put some chocolate chips. Voila! Instant cool and yummy dessert!

Add some fresh fruit...

to freshly baked crescent rolls..

Add some chocolate chips to the "stripes"..
Add two hungry boys
And Voila!! Recipe for success in the summer.

What a fun day.

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  1. How Fun! I love the picture of the boys looking at the cake... I looks like something you would see on a Betty Crocker commercial. Too Cute!


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