Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Dog Wendy

Over the past couple of days our dog Wendy has been quite ill. I first noticed her on Saturday night. I was in the backyard watering, when I saw her chest go into spasms, like she was having trouble breathing. I immediately sent Aaron upstairs to get Ellison. Ellison inspected her and she brought her back in so she could be in the cool air. We were very worried and I told her that first thing on Sunday Sergio and her could take Wendy into the Vet for an exam while the boys and I were at church.

Well on Sunday they couldn't see her. They were booked solid, so an appt. was made for Monday.

First, let me give you a little background on Wendy and why she is so special to us, esp. my daughter, Ellison.

For as long as I can remember, Ellison has wanted a dog. She has always been an animal lover and as a child she was always begging me for a pet. We started off with bunnies, then a gerbil. She worked really hard in 2004 when she was 12 to "earn" the right to own a dog. She did extra chores to earn points, did well in school, etc. Finally I told her she was ready for a dog. You have to understand my daughter. She is a girl who has a lot of love to give. I prayed to find just the right dog for her. A dog who may be unwanted and who needed to be loved. A LOT.

I posted a message on a local message board stating that our family was looking for a puppy. Preferably a mixed breed, and cheap or free ;)

We got a response the very next day. A lady told me of a dog, Eddie, who was a poodle and that she could no longer keep two dogs. I informed my kids about Eddie, and that we had an appt. that night to meet him. When we arrived, the lady ushered us to the backyard where Eddie was. He was fairly young and cute, he jumped all over little Aaron and Josh. I was NOT impressed.

Aaron was not yet 3 and he was scared of Eddie. The lady asked " what do you think?". I looked at my husband and replied "Let me think about it". As we loaded the kids into the van, I told them I didn't think Eddie was for us. I just wasn't "feeling" him. Ellison groaned. I said "let's see what tomorrow brings".

The next day I had another message on the message board. A lady told me of a little dog she had, who was not a puppy, but was very loving. She said she could no longer keep her and that the dog was at her mother's house now. She could not afford the pet deposit and her mom already had 3 dogs. She said this little dog needed to be loved and to be the #1 dog. She stated that she had rescued this dog from a shelter.

I agreed to go meet this dog that same night. I warned my children not to get their hopes up. We were simply arranging a meeting.

When we got there, the lady opened the door and we saw several dogs in the background jumping about excitedly. But in the corner, was a little black dog. She looked meek and shy.

The lady called out to her "Come here, girl, come here Wendy". I said "Wendy? That's her name?" She said yes. The dog immediately, but meekly scooted over to where Ellison was and started to lick her hands. Ellison had the biggest smile on her face. I did too. I felt a warm peace come over me as I thought "this is our dog".

The lady told me that Wendy had led a rough life. Where she originally lived, she had been beaten, starved and abused before she was rescued. The stressed to me the importance of Wendy being in a good home. I assured her that in our home she would be loved.

That was 5 years ago. And indeed Wendy has been loved. She is a part of our family. She gathers around us at our feet when we congregate for our scripture study and family home evenings. She barks at everyone, except our church missionaries. She is a loving dog and good playmate to our other younger dog Molly.

Yes indeed, this dog is loved. We hope that she is with us many more years. We recognize that she is old, but we sure have been blessed by her presence.

Here's to man's (and a girl's) best friend!

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  1. Oh... I hope Wendy is okay! If you need a good vet. We sure like the one Callie uses. He even calls after hours.

    I also have a friend who has a clinic on wheels and can come to your home. The just don't treat mice.

    Ohh... We hope Wendy is doing better. She is defiantly a big part of the family.


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