Monday, March 2, 2009

The Blessings of the Priesthood

So Saturday night I had this tremendous sinus headache (thanks cold weather :( ) So while I lay in bed writhing in pain, my little guy Aaron walks in and asks "What's wrong mama?" I let him know my head really hurts, and he hears me moaning in pain. Then he comes close to my head, says "I'll make it feel better, by praying" so he puts his little 6 year old hands on my head and gives me a blessing!! It brought tears to my eyes! He then tells me I will be much better b/c Jesus loves me!! What a guy! I tell you I am so blessed to have the Priesthood in my home. My husband holds the Priesthood in my church (he is one of many worthy men who hold it) and it is such a comfort knowing that Heavenly Father can work thru him to bless me and my family. I am also grateful my children can see this and know that one day they, too, will hold the Priesthood. My headache didn't go away until Sunday night but I appreciated the kind and gentle words coming out of such a pure 6 year old son.

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