Thursday, February 26, 2009

Preserving precious memories

So I was going thru some old photo albums last night when I got the idea that I should scan all these old photos and save them onto disc. I want my children to have all these precious memories of their parents when they grow old, and maybe our grandchildren too. So I am up late scanning each photo, when I get the idea that I should make it into a little slideshow/movie and add some of the songs Sergio and I danced to when we were dating. So I am doing this as a family project.
I tell ya scanning is a long and laborious process. In the not too distant past I had inquired about a business where people pay to have a rep scan their photos. I figured there have to be others like myself. I contacted the person who had the website up but I don't know....I don't know if I want to invest the money, (it's about $100) to join and then what if noone is interested?
They have a scanner thats scans super fast, and basically people come over, pay me and I would scan all their photos for them. I am thinking about it but mostly for my family. I scanned some of the photos that I will be putting into the slideshow/movie. Here are a few of them. They are REALLY old!!

Our first child
Me as a baby

Ellie and I-unconditional love

Our 2nd date, man were we skinny!

Well, back to scanning :)

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