Thursday, March 5, 2009

Time Flies When You're Lovin' Some

How could this happen, how could this be
That you are now as tall as me?
How could this happen when just last night
I kissed your little cheeks and held you tight
How could this happen when just last week
You ran up to me and wrapped your legs and feet
around my leg and asked "Momma, did you bring me something?"
And you squealed with delight, knowing you were right
and in my purse, cheetos bag, Reeses bar and salted peanuts
you would find, a big smile across your face
that big smile that still lights up my day
And just yesterday you asked to ride your bike
up and down the street and next "Let's take a hike" and ask for a dog, always a dog, and me stalling, saying "Not 'till you're older"
And here I am today, handing you the keys to Dad's truck,
taking a nice Spring drive, laughing and listening to Billy Squier n the radio and me thinking how could this be
that you are now driving me
around town and soon you'll be gone
colleges calling, jobs to be found, papers to write
and one more time I just want to kiss you nite nite

This is a little poem I wrote the other day in ode to my darling little Ellie. She is the joy of our lives! I love the day I found out I was carrying my little one. It was on Valentine's Day 1991. So that is why Valentine's Day is very special..that and when I was 15 years old her dad told me he loved me at the High School Valentine's Day Dance.
I just can't believe she is all grown up.

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