Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trip to Mexico

Last Saturday we travelled down to South Texas to visit Sergio's parents. His mom had a bad fall and was in pretty bad shape. Both his parents are elderly and Sergio had been really wanting to go down there and spend some time with them, but his business schedule just didn't let him do that. Until now. His business has been slowing because of the economy and we could finally make the trip. It was nice to have my kids spend time with their grandparents. Also, I keep forgetting how slow paced life is in South Texas. It's not all hustle and bustle like up here. I kind of miss that.
We also visited with my (half) sister in Mexico.

We ate some great food and had some laughs. I love spending time with her. She's such a fun person.

While we were there Sergio spent some time in his grandfather's garage. Since his passing it is his dad's garage now and the kids had fun tinkering around with all the old tools.

Aaron immediately found some very heavy bricks and started to build with them.

Ellison and I took some pics inside the garage.

Ellison found some things that Sergio had made as a kid, like a wooden airplane he carved out of scraps of wood when he was about 7 and a little wooden board where he glued some of his toy soldiers to.
We also went during the time that the City is preparing for their annual George Washington's parade and celebration. Laredo is the only city that celebrates President's Day with such gala and glamour. They have a parade with beautiful floats that the local high schools make and the young ladies dress up in these absolutely gorgeous dresses from the Martha Washington era and have a big coming out ball! We saw some of the dresses on display at the mall.

It was a good trip and hopefully we can make it to their 50th wedding anniversary in April.

How blessed we are to have Sergio's parents still with us. It's a great experience for my children to get to know them and feel their love.

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  1. I will include his parents in my prayers. I wish them the best. I am so glad you got to have such a fun visit. What part of South Texas did you visit? I need to explore Texas a little more.


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