Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fun Day and Free Ikea Bed

Today was such a fun day. I decided to paint the boys' dresser and make it look more grown up. The reason for this: I finally scored some free bunk beds!! YAY! They are from Ikea and we also got a free twin mattress. Which we really needed to put on one of the bunks.

A nice couple in Frisco posted them on the Frisco Online website (you have to check it out here go to the Forums section and then FOL Community Exchange)
This is great because poor Aaron has been sleeping in his toddler bed! I know, he's tiny but he has been ready for a big boy bed. So hopefully when my mother moves out next month Josh can move into his own room and we can get HIM a larger bed too.
Now on to find some snazzy new drawer pulls and some bedding and curtains!
I will post pics of the "new" room soon.

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