Monday, September 8, 2008

New School Year!

Wow haven't posted in a long time. Mainly because I stupidly spilled an entire glass of chocolate milk on my laptop and now Sergio is working diligently on saving whatever data he can AGGHH!!

Well another school year has started. Aaron is excited to be a first grader. We just found out on Friday that he needs glasses. He is happy about wearing glasses and asked me if they would make him "smarter". I said yes of course. Ellison is busy taking a whole bunch of AP classes at school and working towards expanding her art portfolio. She is working towards a scholarship at either UNT or the Kansas City Art Institute.

Josh is busy fulfilling his Cub Scout requirements so he can advance to Boy Scout next month! I can't believe he will be in my church's Young Men program next year. All in all it has been a great Summer. I will post some pics once I find my cameras cord. This computer does not have a card reader.

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