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My Take on Huevos Rancheros-Yummy Brunch Ideas

My Take On Huevos Rancheros 
A Yummy Brunch Idea

Huevos rancheros are a delicious Mexican breakfast dish. This morning I decided to make them a bit different-served on a tostada. 
The ingredients you see here are for a serving for two people with plenty of pico left over :)
Double or triple the ingredients as you see fit to feed your family. I promise you this will become a fave at your house as well.

pickled jalapenos
 one bunch of cilantro
two roma tomatoes
 2-3 limes
one medium onion
one 16 oz. can refried beans 
and 4 medium eggs
salt to taste
Optional: Queso fresco and fresh avocado slices

First you will need to prepare the pico de gallo. A short note on the pico-it is a fresh "salsa" from Mexico (I am Mexican) that contains onion, tomato, cilantro, lime and salt. In our home we like our pico "wet" which means it has lots of lime juice. The lime juice deliciously "marries" all the flavors due to the citric acid. Try it and you will see ;)

1. Take your onion and peel off outer layers. Cut off the ends. Cut into small pieces or "dice" them in a food chopper. I love my Tupperware manual food chopper because it avoids all the tears from chopping onions! 

After washing the cilantro dice it into small pieces and put them in with the onions. Mix them up.
Next dice your tomatoes and add to the mixture. Cut and squeeze the limes into the bowl with your mixture and mix thoroughly. Add salt to taste. 

I like my Citrus Press from Williams Sonoma to squeeze out every last drop of lime juice. 
Set your pico aside and open your can of beans. Scoop out contents into sauce pan and warm over medium heat stirring occasionally. Do not over heat because the beans will dry out. 
In a small frying pan, spoon a bit of margarine and spread on the pan. Cook your eggs however you want. I scrambled two eggs for my hubby and two eggs over easy for me. 
Get your tostadas and spread the beans on them. Add the pico, eggs and jalapenos to taste. 
You can then top it off with queso fresco (mine was all gone) and sliced avocados. 
This is absolutely delicious and nutritious. 
Let me know how it comes out in the comments. 
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Huevos Rancheros - Scrambled

Huevos Rancheros-Over Easy


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