Saturday, May 1, 2021

Weekend Spring Trip-Galveston, Texas

It's been a minute!
But I am back.
So much has happened in my life from the last blog post. 
I have to tell you guys all about my move to my small cottage home, my journey from living a life in an unhappy marriage, the dating scene and finally finding love. 
But for now, here is what happened on my impromptu weekend trip. 
I needed to get away really bad. From working WAY too much at my new job (that I landed during COVID) to the regular stresses of being a working mom to a high school senior (how did THAT happen?!)
You guys, I NEEDED this trip! 
So I booked my hotel on the Hilton Honors app because I am a member :) then we decided to head out early on a Friday morning. It was an easy 5 hour drive from Dallas. 
I mainly wanted to visit this cute little store on the Strand called The Witchery
It has such a good vibe y'all. You must check it out. They had some crystals, books, and even a couple of rooms for psychic readings. Whether you are into that or not, you have to admit it is a fun time. 

(inside The Witchery)
We also went by the beach but the water was a bit too cold for us so we sat and just watched the waves crash and did some people watching as well.
We found a couple of good restaurants and had us some good meals.
On our second day there, we ventured out early to Kemah, Texas, which was only about 30 minutes away. They have a cool boardwalk with carnival style rides. 
It was nice walking there early before the crowds arrived. While walking around the boardwalk we happened upon some cute kitties. 

This one was trying to hide from me. I loved the way his eye color matched the grass in front of him. 
After that, we drove back to Galveston and had dinner at a cute, Italian restaurant. 
This was Easter weekend so there was a lot of traffic up and down the main road by the shore. We were going to go to Pleasure Pier but it was just too crowded. 
I did take some cool photos while we were there. The one up top is of Pleasure Pier as I saw it from the beach. 
All in all, a great and relaxing time. 
Next time, I'll share our weekend trip to San Antonio, Texas during Christmas time :) 
We went on a carriage ride. So romantic!
Until next time!

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