Saturday, March 23, 2019

Kids Summer Activities-Dallas Acting Camp

Kids Summer Activities
I'm back today to talk some more about the Summer acting camp that my son will attend. It is being offered by his acting school Dallas Young Actors Studio in Dallas. It is an intense, week-long, acting camp that prepares your actor for the real world of working on a sound stage in front of a live studio audience. They actually tape the TV pilot, and you can be in the audience! How cool is that? 
There are several sessions being offered and because it's the only acting camp of its kind it gets filled quickly!
You can get more info here:
Aaron taped in last summer's TV Pilot called Welcome to Willowbrook Way. He played a very "misunderstood" character called "Mr. Keller". 
You can see some of his scenes on his IG<<click here
It's important for young actors to build a resume with actual experience and not just training. At Dallas YAS your young actor will gain that experience through acting in short independent films, TV pilots, and much more. 
We can't say enough good things about Dallas Young Actors Studio. Linda Seto, Founder and Executive Artistic Director, truly cares about each student, taking time to get to know them as the talented people that they are. Aaron has grown with so much self-confidence and has developed a maturity that is truly impressive for a 16 year old! 
Granted, he has always been a great kid! ;)
You can keep up to date with Aaron's school by following their youtube channel here
And if you know of any aspiring actors, please make sure you share this page with them too. 
See you next week!

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