Sunday, June 8, 2014

Vintage Sofa Reupholster Project

It's already a scorcher here in North Texas.
Have I mentioned that I really don't like summer time?
Well in case you missed it-I don't.

What I do like is getting myself into as many DIY projects as possible at one time! Yeah. 
The doozy has been this vintage sofa that I so crazily took upon myself to recover. 
I talked about it here in this post:

and let's just say I ran into some snags. First 
I found out that the seat cushions were made up of a wooden frame and real springs! 
So I had to improvise quick and I ordered some upholstery foam from good ole' :)
Then I had my mom just make me the seat covers. 

Here it is:


As you can see I still hadn't put the other piece of molding on the right arm. I will take some more pics of it with some cute little pillows I'm working on. 
I learned quite a bit from this project, such as :

Cutting foam is NOT that easy
Making seat cushions that fit perfectly is not that easy
Use upholstery tacks and not staples!! 

I can't remember what else. 
But guess what?
I'm going to dive into my two wing chairs next!
Come back and check on my post about those.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you this awesome 
blog link-hop that I am a part of in June:

Check out all these wonderful co-hosts and join in!


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  1. Hey Patty, how did you attach the mold back on? Thanks!

  2. Sue I used the same nails the sofa had. I carefully removed the molding with the nails still in them. Then when I reattached them I lightly tapped the molding back on so the nails could pierce thru the new fabric and into the existing holes in the frame. Hope that helps.

  3. How did you remove the molding in the beginning without damaging the piece?

    1. I very carefully pried off the molding. I wedged the tool I used to remove the staples and nails to carefully pry it off. You'd be surprised that it comes off with no damage. Do it very slowly and in stages.


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