Sunday, June 1, 2014

High Chair Re-do {Jenny Lind}

Well hello, howdy and hey!
It's been a while but I am back. 
I'm taking the summer off to spend with the kiddos and make some good memories.
Of course, I'll be busy sprucing up my space.
I finally finished the vintage sofa. 
I'll take some good pics tomorrow to show you all.
I have some cute pillow covers to show you and how I made them too. 
For now, I'll share the Jenny Lind high chair I scored for my grandbaby! I've been wanting one of these for her for the looongest time. Finally, I found it for a steal on one of those facebook garage sale pages. Do you have them where you live?
I am totally hooked on those and I have found so many bargains, as well as sold so much of my stuff. 
Here's the before:

I simply made my own chalk paint in a pretty red color that my hubby picked out. 
All you need is a quart and that itself will last you a long, long time. To make your own chalk paint you can just click on this post I did some time ago: 
Make your own chalk paint. 

I gave it two coats then applied clear wax to it. 
I let it cure for about a day or so then I just washed the top with soap and water so it is ready for food.

My little sweetheart loves it!
I can't wait for her to use it on her very first birthday party :)

 I'm on a roll!! Next up will be a cute, little rocking chair!


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  1. Wow! Great job! Did you buy a replacement strap or was this already on it? Again, fantastic job!

  2. I just bought one of these high chairs! Was wondering if you bought a replacement strap, if so where and how did you install it?


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