Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Table Runner (No Sew)

So a while back I went to the mall and wandered into Pottery Barn.
Where I saw this:

image credit:

And I was inspired.
I thought I wanted to make a no-sew table runner.
I bought  6 yards of white muslin because my dining room table is huge!
I folded it in half and used fusible bonding web to press it together.
It was a long process. In retrospect, I would put down my fabric onto the tile floor and press it there. I used my ironing board and it took for-ever! Lesson learned.
I also downloaded some rabbit pictures, printed them and transferred them onto the muslin with carbon paper. Then I went over them with a fine tipped sharpie. I don't know whether to color them in or not. I have some fabric markers but I don't know if I want to use them or not. Maybe some acrylics. I'm just afraid of messing it up and I'm NOT doing it again :)
Here are some pics of the bunnies and the runner without the ruffles:

 (carbon transferred bunny)
(my spring table)

 (spring table)
Here are the ruffles that I did about a month later (HA!).
The ruffles are made from the same muslin fabric, I just made the ruffle with some needle and thread but I hemmed it with hot glue!

 Here's how I made the ruffles:
First, I measured the width of the table runner. Then I just doubled the size and added 1/4 inch all around for the hems.
I then cut the strips to about 4.5 inches long and about 33 inches in width.
 I then took the fabric and hot glued a hem around three sides by folding in the fabric about 1/4  inch.
 {if you haven't sewed a ruffle, you just basically thread your needle, and go in and out, in and out at the top of the fabric then pull to desired ruffleness. Oh, don't forget to make a good sized knot at the end of your threaded needle then again when you finished sewing across. I then added a dab of hot glue to further secure it. }
 Here are the ruffles again up close:

 (excuse the crummy pic, it was late at night)


I told you this a no sew table runner. I think it looks pretty good!
The total cost was about $6.00 for the fabric and fusible web. The rest, I already had.    

(The muslin was pretty inexpensive at about .89 per yard using my Joann's coupon.)

I'm thinking of making a summer runner one with some seashells painted on :) 

How are you decorating for spring?


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