Monday, April 1, 2013

The Beginning of Spring

The trees and flowers are in full bloom today. People walking their dogs  and families riding their bikes on a crisp, spring evening, bring a smile to my face. 
A new beginning. 

 {image credit Patricia Martinez}
Everyone is looking forward to the freshness of a new day. And so we join the revelers by taking our little guy for a bike  ride to the park. He rides in front of us, as we walk, way behind. Always, watchful, always worried that he won't look both ways when he crosses an intersection on his bike. But pretty soon, he is riding so fast, we can't see him anymore. 
He'll wait for us at the park if he gets there faster than us. 
We are walking, so of course he will win.
My husband and I reflect on how it seems like just yesterday he was learning to walk. And now, look at him, riding away on this gorgeous eveing. 
Soon we won't be able to see him. He'll be far away.
A grown man with lots of traveling to do.
And so, a new beginning is upon us, as we prepare to let our little guy go. He will be entering middle school soon. And then, well, then time will pass us by way too  fast.
But there is new life coming our way. 
Our daughter is making grandparents out of us.
A wee one will join us and further enhance our family this summer. 
Embarking on a new beginning is both frightening and exciting.
Both sweet and sad. 
But always, always, welcome!

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