Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cute Washer Necklaces

Today was a very fun day. Besides the fact that the weather here in North Texas is gorgeous, this morning I taught a crafting class at our church we call Super Saturday.
If you are looking for a fun project for your church or YW group here it is:
{how to make washer necklaces}
You'll need assorted sizes of metal washers (found in your local hardware store along with the lugnuts, screws, etc)
33 inches of assorted ribbons and twine
decoupage medium
assorted printed scrap paper
glue dots
small piece fine grit sand paper
circle punches or Cricut die cutter
First measure your washers inside and out to see what size of circle punch you'll need or what size to cut on your Cricut or die cutting machine.
 Now take some decoupage and brush it on the washer.
Adhere your pretty paper :)
Press to set and let it dry

Take your embellishment and put a glue dot on the back.
Press on your washer.
Go over the entire thing with decoupage or Crystal Effects by Stampin' Up.
Let it dry and thread your ribbon thru three times, tie a knot on the back then at the ends.
Put it over your head and sport your new fashion necklace :)
Most of my supplies, including the pretty dahlias,  came from the current Stampin' Up Catalog you can find here: Stampin Up Dahlias     
If you wish to order directly from the website please make sure you select me as your demonstrator
Patty Martinez in McKinney, Texas
   And stay tuned because I will be giving away some fun Stampin' Up products this week :)
Now I've got to go because I am planning a huge event for next month and it will be magnificent!!
Have a great week!
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  1. I love these! That little blue flower accent just makes the blue on perfect. So pretty!


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