Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Fun and Memories

Why does time seem to go by so fast when we're having fun?
I can't believe we're to the middle of JULY!! Can you?
It's been nice having the guys back with us 
but the last two weeks I've had some kind of throat problem where now it's really knocking me down :(
So if mom's sick, we can't really do much.
So the guys have had to hang around the house and play video games all day.
Gee, what torture.
But really, I don't want them playing videos everyday.
This is why they each went away for 2-3 weeks.
The little guy is bored.
I can tell.
The first few days after coming back from Camp Huawni 
he actually said that he was bored because I didn't have a list of daily activities for him.
I thought that was funny. I can tell he had a lot 
of growing experiences while at camp.
For instance, he did not like to take his swimming lessons last winter. He was afraid of being in the water.
Well, lo and behold when I saw these pics:

He got in the water a total of 17 times!
I think he's ready for more swimming lessons :)
He told me all about them having to clean their cabin daily, about the schedules and about the fun races thru the mud, in the heavily wooded piney woods,
being pulled with a trailer up a steep hill and sooo much more.
I am so glad he got to experience something I never did as a child.
He came back -older.
I can see it in the way he talks and takes care of things now.
What a difference two weeks make.
If you have a chance to send your child away to camp-do it.
And Camp Huawni is the best one yet.


**disclosure: I received free product/services from the sponsor of this post but they did not pay for my honest opinions. If his experience wasn't a good one, I would certainly tell you guys :)

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