Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Small and Simple Pleasures

Today I went shopping at the dollar store.
Today I experienced a small and simple pleasure.
You see, before I suffered my sah or bleeding stroke, I just couldn't stand the scent of lavender.
I hated it.
But since then, things have sort of rearranged themselves in my brain.
Funny how that happens.
The brain is a wondrous thing.
Now, my brain craves this scent.
It calms me and makes me happy :)
So I was pleasantly surprised when I went
down the wrong aisle and happened upon this:
I just had to get me one!
(I also threw in the oatmeal and almond one)
Total heaven scent! (get it, scent ;))
When I got back to my office I left the bags in my car and when I got in it after work my car smelled like these two soaps.
Ahhhh, clean and relaxing :)
I loved it.
Let me show you what else I found:

these cute little blue bottles!
Only $2
They will be perfect for my summer decorations
that will go along swimmingly with my beachy theme that will be brought out again.
I also bought two bigger bottles 
and this cute little basket with liner only $2 for it!
 all in all 
I enjoyed my lunch trip to the dollar store
it's the little things you know

I'll be back tomorrow to show you an organization project I've been working on and a cute teacher gift!

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  1. I wonder if you could leave the soaps in the car for an extended length of time and use them as air fresheners for the car? Or would they melt in our Texas heat? Might have to experiment with that.

    1. I was thinking about doing that. I went and bought some more yesterday. I'll try it and post to let you know if they melted.


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