Friday, December 2, 2011

Thankful Tree

Our yearly tradition has always been to set up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving day. This year for some reason or another I just haven't been feeling "it". 
By "it" I mean the Christmas spirit. I think my brain is still stuck somewhere in July. I feel like somehow I've lost about 3 months of my life. 
If you're just joining us you may want to click up at the top tab where it says SAH and read all about my stroke this past Spring. You'll understand what I'm talking about.
Anyway, my kids have their wish lists ready and it's not like they are exhaustive or anything like that. 
It's just that I've pretty much gotten sick of the "give me" attitude of the world. Have you? 
(Sigh) Maybe it's just me :(
I feel that Thanksgiving doesn't quite last...long enough.
Well, anyhow, I wanted to do something a little different this year and so we didn't put up the tree.
Well we put up a different little tree.
One we made out of branches from our tree out back.
It's really very simple and I was quite surprised at how receptive my family was in participating in this endeavor.
I gathered some long skinny branches and brought them inside. 
I haphazardly arranged them in this pretty olive jar I keep on our shelf and then just printed out some pretty tags I found over at one of my favorite blogs 
I cut them out and punched holes in each. Then after dinner one night I asked each one in my family to write one thing they were thankful for because we were making a "Thankful tree". 

To my surprise and delight they asked for more tags!
They had so much to be thankful for!
It brought tears to my eyes to read them as we strung yarn through them and hung them on the branches. 
I made extra tags and put them along with a pen near the "tree" so that friends and neighbors visiting can add to our tree.
We plan on keeping it year round.
 I really like it.

And yes, a week later we did put up our Christmas tree.
And slowly, the Spirit of Christmas is filling me up.


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