Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spray Painting {Junk}

If you know me, you know I love JUNK
I love the transformation of crap I've found by somebody's curb into something useful :)
This weekend I did a LOT of spray painting.
You see I've had these really crappy, green and brown, metal plant stands that were just in my garage. Well today I decided they were going to get a makeover OPRAH STYLE!

under the dratted willow tree. I threw down some tarps on the grass and covered up my folding table with another and gathered up all my victims.
I had me a stash of some pretty good spray paints to work with.
First up was this planter stand that I've had forever! I quickly wiped it clean with a damp rag and got to work. I used Krylon's Black glossy paint for plastics and vinyl. I prefer the Krylon brand of paint because of its nozzle. It is easier for me to work with and doesn't stain my finger as much {when I forget to wear my disposable gloves AGGGHHH}


I also spray painted the little guy's chair. These are a some cute school chairs my hubby found in the trash somewhere. They are actual school chairs and I guess they were remodeling and decided to throw them out. These will be in my little guy's room reading corner :) in front of his chalkboard (I'll show you later) I used Krylon for plastics in Navy Blue. I taped up the legs but I'm thinking of maybe painting them chrome just to snazz them up but don't know yet.

{chair before}
I haven't taken an "after" pic. Stay tuned for the reveal in his room.
While those were drying

I decided to paint some Easter eggs :) I spray painted one with chalkboard paint and another with lime green Rustoleum paint. They turned out cute. I will dedicate a post just to them in the next few days. (I know I'm such a tease!)
Since I was on a roll
I decided to touch up my sweet Big Guy's birdhouse he made in Cub Scouts back when he was just a tyke.
I spray painted it and then added some vinyl cutouts I made with my Cricut and SCAL.

{cheap pot and birdhouse before}
I took a cheapo plastic pot {you know the ones that you get when you buy your flowers) and just spray painted that  Krylon for plastics-red. I wanted to showcase my Cilantro plant in it and put it up all pretty on the "new" black plant stand. Then I added some vinyl lettering that I got from Expressions Vinyl. You can see the button on the side. I have found them to be the best in price vs. Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michael's and other online vinyl retailers.
Cute, no?
Here they are on the freshly painted plant stands :)
See??? You can turn crappy stuff into nice stuff.
So how was YOUR Saturday?

spray paint party


  1. Those look great!! Tell Ellison her sidewalk is amazing. What a fun weekend. Ok, next time you're going to the antique mall I want to go too! I'm serious! I love shopping at places like that.

  2. Great job!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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