Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Nights Like These

It's nights like these that I tend to slow down. For the better.
When the hurry up and go of a workday  finally comes to an end and my older guy is attending a sleep over party, my girl is out at a hair appointment and my sweet hubby is STILL working and I get to spend one on one time with this little gem:

It's nights like these that I get to just sit and listen. And he gets to talk uninterrupted. His day of playing, participating in a fun run at school and how he did 34 laps!!
How hot the day was and how much he wished I was there to cheer him on but instead I had to work. I listen and nod and smile. He says it's ok because we're here together now just you and me momma.
I smile and dip my waffle fry into the honey mustard he got for me. We share. We laugh. He asks how my day was. I'd rather think of the night to come. Spring. Crisp. Warm but not yet humid. A night good enough to roll down the windows of my car and sing with the radio blasting. Both of us together. Planning. Scheming. :)
What shall we do???
We go to Michael's. I am looking for mirrors. He wants to paint. He asks for canvases and brushes and apologizes if they cost too much. I say no I've got a coupon :)
He deserves it. A reward. He works soooo hard at school with his reading disability
(I hate that word - disability)
We happily go to the register to pay. He chats it up with the cashier as usual. Everybody loves to talk to him. He's an old soul my little gem. He is.
We get home and immediately he starts to sketch. I go outside and water my flowers. Windows and doors are open to let in the fresh breeze. This won't last much longer as the stifling heat of the Texas summer is upon us. I look inside and I see this:

I stand there. With the hose in my hand. I grab my camera. I was taking pictures outside of some project I'm working on (as usual). I am glad I have it with me.
The glow of the kitchen light on his skin is glorious. I love watching him paint, explore, laugh, live.

                                               Finishing Touches

We both paint. I paint my cascarones and he paints his masterpieces.

And this night. Tonight. It's just him and I.

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