Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Nice to Get Away :)

This past week was a fun one. It was our annual government finance conference and this year it was in GALVESTON! YAY! I always love to go and learn something new and keep updated in my profession but it's even nicer when I get to go learn at a very cool place! Especially if a beach is involved ;)
And even though it's not exactly summer {thank goodness for that} I was excited nonetheless to be going to a BEACH!
I usually go alone but since this time it was nearby and Sergio could take a few days off, I took him along :D
How nice to get away from the stress of daily life. We are so blessed to have sooo many people support us when we decide to go away. My mom came by and stayed with the boys while we were away. They enjoy having a fun grandma around too :)

On the drive there we stopped at a rest area. Little did we know that this place was gorgeous! Lots of pine trees and water and it was just plain beautiful. Who knew a rest area would be so pretty? This rest stop is off I 45 north of Huntsville.  I forget what exit it is but from the freeway it looks like nothing special. It's kinda hidden but once you get to it it is so worth it. They even have a playground and would be a nice spot for a picnic.

We arrived to Galveston late on Wednesday afternoon and went directly to check into our hotel. It was a very nice hotel called the Moody Gardens Hotel and Spa. They have lots of amenities and the water park is just down the street. If you ever get a chance to go to Galveston, stay there. Our stay was awesome.

We had a nice view of the Moody Gardens and Sergio got to relax while I attended my classes. And even though Hurricane Ike caused some major devastation to the area, it is still a beautiful place to visit. Plus they need our tourism dollars, so go to Galveston people and help them rebuild their city :)

Our first night there we went to this really cool restaurant called Fish Tales.
I took a pic of if but my hand was all shaky and this is what came out :(

             It looks kinda cool huh? I didn't mean for it to look this way though ;)

The food was really good but it's kind of pricey.  Certainly not a place to take the whole family too. But for the two of us, it was quite do-able.
We drove around and walked on the beach. It was pretty chilly but romantic nonetheless.
The following day, during my lunch break, we drove over to The Strand. The historic district where all these cool little shops are at. We saw where the cruise ships leave out of and we both promised we'd plan on a cruise with the kids.

Some cool shops where I got ideas to decorate my new white tree :)

I also found some of my favorite candles from Tyler Candles!! And they sell the melts that I can put into my Scentsy warmer. SCORE!! Now my house can smell like French Market without the flame :)
Anyways, while we were looking around in one of the shops, I asked Sergio to take a picture of me next to a ride-on dolphin. But he said, "Get on it." To which I replied: "No". But then the shop owner was all like "get on it, go on" so I gave in and here I am.
                                                 Here's my idea of a fun pic
                                       Here's Sergio's version {and the shopkeeper's}
Notice they are a little blurry. I don't know which setting we had the camera on, but apparently it was the WRONG one.

                             The only time you'll see me in a bikini (it's an apron)
                  We had dinner here on our last night. It.Was.Awesome.
And that's quite a statement coming from a person who eats meals cooked by a chef!
The service was awesome, the food was awesome, the atmosphere was awesome. Check it out if you're in Galveston. They are on Seawall Blvd.
Before we came back, we went jogging on the beach one morning and took some pics by the water.
It was VERY BRIGHT!! So these pics are very bright. Also the shirt I am wearing, is very big on me, and with the wind blowing hard, it puffed it up and made me look huge up top!! I look strangely deformed, but you'll see I am having a good time ;)

I love having fun with my best friend {who also happens to be my husband} and there's nobody else I'd rather spend my time with :)

Enjoy Thanksgiving!

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