Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year Aaron decided he wanted to be the Dark Knight a.k.a. Batman. I bought the costume early in September and Sergio got to work on his utility belt to make it light up.
He cut out the Batman sign out of an old 7-11 Big Gulp plastic cup and rigged up a little battery pack with an on/off switch. Ellison and Parke decided to go trick or treating too! Hey, the fun has no age limit I say :) 
I have featured some of my favorite pics of this year's Halloween. First up is the jack o-lantern that Aaron carved all by himself. No stencil, nothing. He hand drew it and cut it out himself. Pretty good job.

 Here's a shot of our front yard. We did the Nightmare before Christmas again :)

 All of these were made by us. We then put a strobe light on for the trick or treaters

                                     Aaron checking out his treasure :)
                               He shared with his big brother who stayed home to finish a   science report and hand out candy.

                                  Pocahontas and a Roman Gladiator went out for treats too!
The Dark Knight and his light up belt
I did the luminaries with the lunch bag tutorial but my pics didn't turn out very good.
I simply put them thru the printer,just like her instructions and put a battery operated tea light. They lined my walkway.
Overall a fun night :) Can't wait 'till next year.

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