Thursday, September 9, 2010

{TA DA}!!! Chair Unveiling

The day has finally come! After months and months of putting off delays I finally finished my antique chair! YAY!!! I had to enlist a little help from the hubster {because we know he can fix anything} Please keep in mind that this man is a professional as opposed to me a total and complete amateur. I started off with my chair that looked like this:
Then I didn't know whether to paint it black, white, soft green, re-stain it..I just didn't know what to do. Then I got really lazy busy and it just got stuck in the back burner.
Theeeennnn I didn't know if I wanted to sand it, since sanding is a major pain in the rear, and my hubby was too busy WORKING to do it himself, errr, help, so I looked around blog world and found that I didn't have to sand YAY!!!
So I bought some spray primer and went to work on it. I had to wait for a good day when it wasn't 150 degrees!! So between letting my patio table dry, because of course I have to do several projects at once, once the mood strikes me! I got to work on primering this chair.
First I made sure to remove any dirt that had accumulated on it with a damp cloth.
Then I took it outside put it on a tarp and started spraying. I gave it a good couple of coats. After I let it dry, I started testing it out by spraying the actual paint. Theeennn I noticed I was almost out of paint because I had used that can to paint something else!! GAHHH!!!
Sooo off we went to Home Depot where my husband is VERY well known, and much to my desmay they don't carry the Krylon brand of paint. They had Rustoleum so I bought it thinking, well the cap looks to be the same color NOTE TO EVERYONE STICK WITH THE SAME BRAND!!! I came home and spray painted an area and not only did it turn the side of the chair ORANGE, it made it speckled looking. NOOOOOO!!! So now I HAD to sand it. I was almost in tears. Well thank goodness my tears were noticed by my better half and he said he'd help me (I swear this man will get a halo and wings when he gets to heaven for putting up with me)
So while I was at work this week he sanded it for me, fixed the seat (some thing about loose springs) and then painted it for me! He even took pics for my blog!! :) See, halo and wings y'all.
So here's the blow by blow courtesy of me and my much better half!

Here she is all painted and ready to have the touch of gold to the upper back.
What Sergio did was spray a bit of Rustoleum gold onto a piece of wood, then dip his brush slightly in it and use a "dry brush" technique to brush it on to this area. The material is not wood on the upper back but more like a "wicker type".
I wanted to add a bit of oomph to an otherwise boring white chair. And wait till you see the gorgeous fabric we found!

Then he got to work on the cushion itself. I hadn't even noticed the rusted out metal thingies, but remember, this man is a professional handy man and woodworker so He noticed and fixed it.

Bad rusted out metal and loose strings.

He simply went to HD and bought some new metal thingies and replaced them along with some white rope to tie it together.
(see if it were me I would have left it alone shhhhh)

And here she is!!! Isn't it just gorg!!!
I love, love the fabric. I wanted something snazzy but with a velvety feel to it. This is perfect. The detail is velvety but is fresh at the same time AND coordinates with the golden touch on the chair! I love it! This is going in my bedroom where I will add some bedding that will coordinate with the chair. I can't wait to show you that room when I am done!
Here's the chair in my room!
Now the fabric was a little pricey ($12.50 yrd at Joann's) but we didn't even need the whole yard, so I have a little left over for something else, perhaps a small accent pillow ;)
Now I am REALLY relieved happy to have this one project finished {with a little help from my friend ;) }
Oh and not to brag or nothin' but here's that patio table I've been working on as well.
I just spray painted the whole set with Rustoleum Hammered Black. It used to be a really ugly brown. So I've got a "new patio set" and a "new chair". Total cost for chair
paint $8.80 (includes primer) {Krylon Ivory Satin }
fabric $12.50 (with some left over)
metal thingies $3.00 and rope the hubster had
Rustoleum gold I had left over from another project so free

Patio Set:
$45 for paint Rustoleum Hammered is not cheap, but is made for outdoors.

Patio set
It's been a good day :D
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  1. Great job on the chair, I like your choice of fabric! And I like that you showed a photo of it in the room finished.
    I did two posts this week and mine is right behind yours! Nice to meet you!

  2. I think your husband deserves a kiss for this. You both did a fab job. The fabric is so elegant. Great project. Oh and I love your header picture. I'm also from Texas. Nice to meet you neighbor.


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