Sunday, September 5, 2010

{Labor Day Weekend} White Rock Lake

The weather lately has been so nice and cool we decided to take the boys out to White Rock Lake in Dallas for some fun and exploring.

Aaron making a mental note to bring his fishing rod next time :)
The water looked so cool and inviting! There are no motorized boats allowed on this lake. And I made a promise to be like this guy next time

We loved looking at the beautiful plant life and turtles bobbing in and out of the water

There was lots of shade and we thought that next time we'll bring blankets and have a picnic
White Rock Lake was initially created as a water reservoir for the city of Dallas when back in the day they were running out of a water supply. They created a dam and a spillway.

When Sergio and I first got married we used to frequent this lake and take a hiking trail.
They have really improved the hiking area and we decided to take the boys to see where mom and dad used to hike as young 'uns :)

But first we made a quick stop to look at the spill way and a cool looking crane that was just hangin' out

Aaron wanted to climb the fence to get to him
The trail
Looking over the top of the spillway. The views are gorgeous! And just on the other side of the lake is the Dallas Arboretum.
Back when we used to hike this trail it was unfenced and unpaved. I can see how the city was concerned with people getting too close to the currents. When we used to frequent White Rock Trail, we could get in very close to the water. We could also go through the "jungle" of trees and hike in there, but that is inaccessible now. Even so, we had a good time hiking around the lake and sharing with our boys the beauty and peace of nature. There are sooo many things to do at White Rock and next time we want to do some kayaking!! Hopefully I won't drown...

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  1. White Rock Lake is one of my favorite places!! We are on our way to the Arboretum today. Thanks for sharing your great pictures.


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