Thursday, September 2, 2010

{RECAP} Last Two Weeks

I have been sooo busy with so many projects that I forgot to post all about my 40th birthday and the kids going back to school.

On my birthday, Sergio made me breakfast in bed and bought me a wonderful bouquet of wildflowers. They are gorgeous! Two weeks later they still look great. I transferred them into this metal bucket that I got at the antique mall a few months ago.

Then I forgot to post some pics of my little guy on his first day of school:

It has been a very busy two weeks but I think we have gotten back into the swing of things. The boys are settling in to their back to school routine and Ellison has acclimated nicely to college life.
And to round up this post here's a few pics of our darling Molly the best dog in the West ;)

Have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!

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