Friday, August 21, 2009

Splashin' Party Fun

Wednesday was Aaron's 7th birthday. We decided to have it at the Aviator park not far from our house. It has a splash pad and nice park playground equipment. It was the perfect evening. Breezy and fun! The kids had a great time and a couple of the moms helped me with the serving,etc. That was such a big help, because with this liver disease I am constantly exhausted! God heard my prayer and sent these two angels to help! Thanks Jana and Lanette!

Waiting for cake!

Happiness is eating PIZZA!!

After the food and fun, Aaron opened his presents and clowned around with his pals

Aaron making his "sad monkey" face
Summer plus birthday = fun

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  1. Happy Birthday Aaron. Looks like tons of fun. Love the monkey face.

    There is nothing like pizza and cake!


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