Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lazy days of summer and my liver

We are counting down the days until school starts and in the meantime enjoying the lazy days of summer as it comes to an end. We have been swimming, fishing, spending some quality time as a family and today we went to fly some kites. There was enough wind to get them up but not as high as we would have wanted. Josh loaned his kite to Aaron since Aaron's wasn't working very well. The other night we were over at the little park in our neighborhood and noticed two kids fishing. One boy caught two fish in the span of 30 mins!! I took a pic of him. We went the following day but caught nothing.

This kid caught a fish in the neighborhood lake the other night
Me trying my hand at the kite flying

Josh was the best at it

Aaron got the hang of it pretty quick too

And just Thursday I got the call from my doctor about the ultrasound and labwork-my liver. Just as I suspected. I have a liver disease where my liver gets extremely inflammed. This is why my belly has been getting bigger and bigger. I had a bout of this a couple of years ago. The good thing is that the liver is a mysterious organ that regenerates itself. There is no damage to my liver, but it could happen if I don't watch it. So I have to be on a very low calorie diet and lots of exercise. I feel tired most every day but I try to push myself so I don't end up feeling sorry for myself and depressed. I danced last night with the kids and stayed up talking with Ellison and her friends till 1 a.m.!! Holy cow I am definitely not young anymore. This week will be very busy. Aaron's party is on Wednesday then we are going to do something for my birthday next Saturday. All in all it has been a great summer, but I am ready for the kids to go back to school and back to our routine.

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  1. Yeah... I am so proud of your kite flying skills. Fun Time.

    Darn it.. that is no fun about your liver, but I am so glad you found out what is wrong. I hope you get feeling nothing but fabulous real soon.

    I loved your hair Sunday.... Too glam.


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