Monday, July 15, 2013

New Beginnings

If you read my last post you can just imagine the type of excitement we've had around here.
My daughter, who wasn't due until the end of this month, had her baby early. 
She was born healthy and beautiful!
I guess she couldn't wait to get to this world.
We, the grandparents, all around, are in love with her!
I gave my daughter her baby shower just in the nick of time.
I also did her maternity photos just in time. 
If we'd waited just one more week it may have been too late.
All this excitement has brought back a flood of emotions and memories for me.
Holding my first baby 21 years ago.
The feeling of being a new mother.
The uncertainties of what kind of mother would I be.
Would I be able to raise a child who would be able to contribute to the world for good?
Would I be able to teach her everything she needs to make it in this great, big, world?
Would she grow up knowing how much her parents loved her and wanted her?
A day or so before my daughter was to be discharged from the hospital she wrote me a beautiful text.
In it she mentioned that I "was best mother ever she had!"
A reference to her childhood term for me!
With tears in my eyes and a wave of emotions, I recalled my uncertainties as a young mom and put them to rest.
Yes, indeed, we did good.
She will be a wonderful mother.
Here are a few pics I did of her maternity session with her fiancee:

 And one pic of the most beautiful girl in the world ;)

Isn't she just adorable? She was just a few minutes old in this pic.
What beautiful things await her. And us.
Until next time!


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