Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Transformation Tuesday {Pretty Up The Front Porch}

After all the storms and tornadoes passed, it turned out to be a pretty nice weekend.
Friday I was off from work due to Good Friday and me and the boys got to work on the front yard.

My front porch was looking pretty sad what with the faded black wicker settee and table out front, I knew I needed to give it a quick face lift.

First I removed the furniture and accessories from the porch and gave it a good sweeping. 
Then I noticed the windows were filthy and so my little guy was given the task to clean those up.

Meanwhile my big guy and I got to work on cleaning up the flower bed. 
I decided to move the birdbath from one flower bed to another where the gorgeous rose bush is just a-bloomin'

Isn't it gorgeous!!
I need to buy more like this to put in my backyard garden I am planning.

After cleaning and clearing the flower beds, birdbath moved and fixing up here and there, I took the wicker settee out back and gave it a fresh new coat of FUSION spray paint.
Just a little touch up.
I then sprayed the cushions with water to rinse them clean.
And here it is all dressed up for spring.
I love having a front porch and can't wait to show you some more projects I have in mind to pretty it up even more.

{notice the cute little boy statue? I love it}

 And a shot of the final wicker paint job:
{what a difference}
 I also hung a pretty wreath on the door.
{the door is next to be painted ;)}

A few last shots of the complete porch:

All we need is to add some fresh mulch and a few other plants to the other flower bed and we're done.

What have you been up to?
Are you working on your garden yet?

Be back soon :)


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  1. Your porch looks so nice! The flowers are beautiful!! Thanks for the tip about painting your wicker...I have basket I need to freshen up. :)

  2. Thanks Beth for stopping by! Don't you just love Spring?

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The minute I saw crafts, cooking, diy and family I knew I was going to love this blog and I do!

    Found you at Never Growing Old blog hop and am now following if only for the BEAUTIFUL photos!!!

    I'll be back. You've been warned. ;)

  4. Beautiful!! You make it look so easy & fun. It turned out lovely and it makes me want to sit and stay a while. :)

  5. I just love it. It looks like a place to sit and enjoy a tall glass of sweet tea and a good book! Came to visit via Java's Follow Friday and will be back often!

  6. I super love the paint job on the furniture looks great!

  7. Great job...your porch looks so much more inviting after your spruce up! Your rose is beautiful....I have one just like it that I love....I had only 1 perfectly beautiful bloom :( I saw it almost at dark (too late for a pic) in the morning I saw it.....being eaten by a deer! Thanks for sharing.


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