Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Fever and Making Pretty Paper Flowers

Well here we are in the month of April. 
Phew, March certainly did blow in and out fast, didn't it?
And I don't know about you but all this warm weather makes me appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us.
In particular, flowers.
I love gardening. 
And I love having flowers in my home as well.
So today I want to share with you something special 
I whipped up for a very important person:
My mother :)
She is turning 60 years old today and I greatly admire her.
At her age she still smokin' hot and STILL turns heads!!
I am working on getting her to model for me so I can feature her both on my photography gallery and my blog ;)
She has agreed so stay tuned for that.
So here we go:
I bought a little inexpensive wooden box at my local craft store that rhymes with mobby dobby.
I also bought some pretty scrapbook paper and got to work.
I used this cartridge with my Cricut to cut the flowers:
 I love this cart!!
It has so many beautiful images to cut and make GINORMOUS FLOWERS. Y'all need to get this. 
I cut my two flowers using the instructions found right in the booklet that comes with the cart. You can experiment with sizes and shapes to fit your box and needs.
After cutting and assembling my two flowers I added a stick on pearl embellishment to them and put some mighty mend it adhesive to secure them extra.
Then I got to work on the box. I measured around and cut the pieces of this beautiful paper by Bella Bella
 I brushed Mod Podge on the sides of the box and adhered the paper, taking care to smooth out wrinkles and bubbles.
I worked my way around and carefully applied paper to the front of the box and using an exacto knife I cut away the area around the little bottom latch.
I then painted the inside of the box with the same Annie Sloan chalk paint I used to paint my cheap tv armoire and waited for it to dry. 
I did two coats inside and two coats on the outside edges.
I wanted to give this little box a vintage, shabby but classy look.

{excuse the crappy yard in the background}

After everything was dry and I had given a coat of Mod Podge on all the outer areas, I started to put on the embellishments.
I scored a really, pretty, glittery, embellishment that was SUPER easy to put on because it was the stick on kind :)
I put that on the front. 
Inside the box I put some white, skinny, ribbon on the edges with mighty mendit adhesive.
I don't like using the glue gun as much because it globs up and then your box won't close {ask me how I know}.
Next, I put some of the same stick on ribbon on the back of the little box and lastly I glued on some ribbon to the cover and put on the two flowers!

{I apologize for the dim pics. I was working at night}
I have to say I am very happy with the way it turned out.
My mom loved it!
I have found so many ideas to use this little box I am going to make more. 
The little wooden box was only $2.99 :)
In all I think I spent $8.50 for new paper, embellishments and the box. 
I had the rest and you can use whatever you have.
If you don't have an electronic cutter you can cut these out by hand or even cut them out of fabric.
Wouldn't this be cute as a jewelry box:
 or as a baby shower gift used to store pretty, baby headbands and bows:

 or as a bridesmaids' gift filled with cool nail polish:
and an even cuter gift for Mother's Day!

There are so many possibilities and I can't wait to play around some more with this versatile cartridge and come back and show you more.
Until then,
have a great week!
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  1. Such a pretty box. I love the paper you chose and those flowers are really cute. I love all of the embellishments. Thanks so much for linking up to the Bunny Blog Hop!!

  2. Very cute! And you have given me some wonderful inspiration. Thanks. P.S. I love this cart too!

  3. Very cute! And you have given me some wonderful inspiration. Thanks. P.S. I love this cart too!

  4. Thanks Judy! I'm having fun looking at new blogs :)

  5. That is really cute and unique. You did a great job!!


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