Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Simple Valentine's Day T Shirt

 I've mentioned before how I haven't been my normal crafting self. What with working and helping out with homework, it seems like the older I get the more tired I am. And being "on the mend" after my 10th month post stroke isn't helping, I don't think. But every day after work I try to think of some fun, crafty thing to do. It's such a part of me. 
I thought about what I can do next Tuesday for Valentine's Day at work. I thought about baking some cupcakes and trying out my new cupcake recipe book. But I also want to look cute in a Valentine's shirt so I decided to make one.
Here's all you need:
One T-shirt
One heart shaped doily
white fabric paint
spray adhesive
stenciling brush

First let me just say that finding a heart shaped doily in the middle of January was NOT an easy task!! Apparently I should have bought this way back in December!! Everywhere I went they were sold out or they didn't have any!
So I had to order 100 of them online! (yeah, if you need one I can sell you one real cheap)
I see some heart shaped crafts in my future (lots of them!)
So you take your t-shirt lay it on a flat surface and stick a piece of cardboard in it so that the paint won't bleed.
On a little plate, pour some of the fabric paint and have your brush ready. (The stenciling brush looks like it is round with a flat end.It is also known as a stippling brush)
Get your doily and lightly spray it with the adhesive. If you don't have spray adhesive I've heard other people use a glue stick.
Lay it on the center or wherever you want the image to appear.
Now gently load your brush with the fabric paint and start pounding the doily with it!
Don't over load the brush and careful on the edges!
Next, peel off the doily and let it dry.
Embellish with bling if desired :)

{I tried looking for a stamp but none were big enough or had that "doily" look}

Imagine how cute this would be on a little girl's shirt with some ruffly edges on the bottom and maybe some words stenciled in too!
Like "heart breaker" or something similar!
I'll be wearing mine on Tuesday!
Have a great week!


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