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Creative Ways To Display Your Photos {Window Screen}

Since I've become more serious about my photography, I've been thinking of new ways of preserving my photos. It's funny that now I'm all into making sure I use the best lab, that uses the best processing, that uses the best paper, etc., etc.
It's just that I want to make sure that the pictures that I so lovingly took are there for generations to come.
In fact, whenever I look thru old photo albums and I see what my grandmother looked like at my age, I get all warm and fuzzy. It's wonderful to go back in time and see what people looked like when they were young. Heck, I like to see my baby albums and admire what a good job my grandma did in keeping the memory of me as an infant alive for me to see! (Thanks abuela!)

So you know I love to go antiquing and junking. On one of my shopping jaunts I came across this really cool Victorian era window screen and of course I just had to have it.
It wasn't very expensive (around $25) and it's pretty big. I envisioned it for my office. I have two pretty bare walls in there and I want to fill them up.
What better way to decorate my space than with pictures of my loved ones, right?

So I got to work.  I bought these really cute blocks of wood at Michael's for .59 and .99 cents each. The small one is about 3X3 and the large one is about 5X7. I like that they are beveled and thick. 

I then chose several photos from my computer and printed them out onto photo paper. Then I took some sawtooth hangers that I got at Home Depot (in their hardware section) and gently tapped them into the back of the blocks of wood. I liked these because they have no nails. They have two pointed ends. They are so easy to tap into the blocks.
Next I took some acrylic black paint and painted my blocks. When they were dry, I took some Mod Podge and brushed the backs of the cut-to-size pictures and glued them to the blocks. I let them dry for a few minutes. Then I went back and brushed the front of the pictures to seal them. 

While they were drying, I got to work on the banner (bunting).
I had some scrap pieces of drop cloth from another project and some letter stencils that I used for this part. I simply measured across to see about how big each triangle should be. I used an existing banner that I had to measure out the new one. Then I just cut out the triangles from the fabric.
I then used masking tape to tape each letter stencil on each triangle and used a stenciling brush and the same acrylic black paint to spell out the word F-A-M-I-L-Y.
After they were dry, I used my Big Bite Crop A Dile puncher (this thing ROCKS!!) to punch some holes on each corner of the triangles.

 Then I simply strung twine through it and used my Mighty Mend It glue to adhere the corners to the window screen.
Again, I can't stop singing the praises of the Mighty Mend It glue. I love it! I don't burn my hands and you don't have to plug it in :)

So after everything was dry, I simply got some of this metallic wax and rubbed it all along the blocks' edges to add a little bit of oomph to each block. Make sure you wear latex gloves for this step because it is hard to wash off.

After giving it a few minutes for the wax to set, I simply took some twine and strung it through the sawtooth hanger in the back and through two little holes in the screen. I laid them out before doing this to determine the placement. After tying a few knots and making sure each block was secure, I can now step back and admire it!

I think I'll be adding some pretty pins and ribbons as time goes by to bling it up and personalize it a little more!

I'll be taking this to my office where it will hang directly across from my desk so I can look at my beautiful family throughout the day!!

How about you? Have you created a project that displays your photos in a unique way?

I'll be making another one of these but using a picture frame instead :)

Have a great weekend!


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