Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too lazy for dinner

So last night we didn't know what to cook for dinner. I had bought some burger meat and we had tacos on our menu. But then Sergio called me at work and asked "Do you really want me to cook this meat? It looks brown and weird."So I told him to forget it. It really ticks me off to have to throw food away, I mean REALLY ticks me off but I wasn't gonna risk E Coli poisoning for me or my family so on the way home I stopped at Albertson's. Hmmmm what to eat? Something quick and easy. I know, PANCAKES! I bought some whipped cream, strawberry topping and pancake mix and voila - DINNER! Sergio's pancakes are so delicious. He makes them thin, yet fluffy with a little bit of crisp on the edges.
Ellison did not want to eat pancakes and she was on her way to Mutual to tie dye some tshirts.
The boys were excited and we had a yummy dinner. The tacos will have to be tomorrow.

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  1. I love a good breakfast for dinner. There is nothing better.

    So Sergio, we are ready for pancakes anytime.


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