Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a nice relaxing and quiet New Year's eve thanks to a crappy cold I caught. But on New Year's Day I felt a lot better. Sergio and I decided to take the kids for a drive since it was so pretty out. We ended up in Las Colinas at Williams Square. I used to work there a looooong time ago during my marketing days. Sooo I remembered how pretty it was and we decided to go down there after lunch and take some pictures. After taking a nice stroll down the canal, we drove and drove until we ended up at White Rock Lake in Dallas. It is soo pretty there. Took some more pics and people watched. We fantasized that we live in one of those AMAZING homes overlooking the lake then headed to Panera in good ole' McKinney for desert and hot chocolate. It was a great day :) Nothing like spending the day with your family dreaming :D

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  1. I Love that area. I lived by there years ago. I am glad you are feeling better.


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